Utilizing Synexis In The Classroom

School is an important part of life for students aged six to eighteen for an average of eight hours a day. While students and their learning supplies are welcome daily, germs are not, but the two often go hand in hand in the school environment. Using Synexis in the classroom can be a safe and unique way of helping protecting students, teachers, and faculty against harmful microorganisms and germs that can make them sick and disrupt the learning environment.

What Is Synexis Microbial Reduction Technology and What Can It Do in the Classroom?

Synexis Microbial Reduction Patented Technology is designed to reduce the number of pathogens present in the air and on surfaces for twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. It utilizes safe levels of dry hydrogen peroxide (H202) gas to reduce the existence of harmful microorganisms in occupied spaces without a disruption to normal activities.

Specifically, Synexis can reduce the presence of:

  • Harmful microorganisms such as Influenza Type A, Norovirus, Rhinovirus (the common cold), Mold, E. Coli, MRSA, Fungi, Salmonella, and Aspergillus Niger
  • Insects such as mosquitos, cockroaches, flies, spider mites, and fleas
  • Unpleasant odors from things such as painting and smoking

How Synexis Works

Historically, many schools that suffer an outbreak of the flu, norovirus, or something similar may have to shut their doors overnight or even close the building for twenty-four hours in order to effectively sanitize a space. It typically requires an extra expense to bring in specialized cleaning teams and could even require a day off of school, which can send teachers, students, and parents scrambling for a Plan B. In short, the process can almost be a bigger disruption than the germs themselves.

The patented Synexis Microbial Reduction Technology requires no cleaning teams or school closures since it uses dry hydrogen peroxide, a light and odorless gas, to help keep the classroom environment clean. It is popular amongst healthcare and education industries because it is:

  • Safe for use whether a room is occupied or not
  • Free from odors, chemicals, and ozone
  • User friendly as it requires minimal maintenance

This technology works without requiring any refill solutions because it uses dry hydrogen peroxide, which is catalytically produced for ambient humidity and oxygen already found in the air. The gas then permeates the air and surfaces inside a classroom to reduce the amount of germs and microorganisms present. This can be safely done with students and teachers present in the classroom and without a disruption to teaching or learning.

What Synexis’ Footprint Looks Like in the Classroom

Every inch of a teacher’s classroom can be considered prime real estate because those spaces contain only so much room for students and learning supplies. With this in mind, Synexis can be a perfect addition to a classroom due to its small, compact size.

Synexis can be similar in shape and size to an oscillating fan made to sit on the floor. It is gray and white in color and simply plugs into an electrical outlet. It fits nicely under most white boards, and since it takes up minimum space, it should be able to easily find a home where it is out of the way but still effective in environmental cleaning.

Benefits of Using Synexis in the Classroom

In addition to Synexis reducing the presence of germs and microorganisms, using it in the classroom can yield benefits on the broader spectrum as well. Additional perks to using the Synexis Microbial Reduction Technology include:

  • Less sick days and missed instruction for students. Without a product like Synexis, it could be possible for an illness circulating in a classroom to yield waves of students being absent over the period of a couple of weeks. Less sick days for students can equal more valuable instruction time in which students do not fall behind due to being ill.
  • Less sick days for teachers. Teachers are the glue that holds a classroom together, and without them, the learning experience can be less effective due to a substitute filling in. Synexis can offer peace of mind to educators by being proactive in protecting their health and lessening their sick days.
  • No need to move classroom furniture around for a cleaning team. When a cleaning team is brought into a school, teachers may be asked to move around classroom furniture and supplies. By using dry hydrogen peroxide gas, it can eliminate this time-consuming headache.
  • Minimal maintenance required. Whereas some cleaning methods may require refills of solutions or a technician to come in and service the machine on a regular basis, this patented technology requires minimal maintenance for daily use.
  • Can safely work even if the classroom is occupied. Many environmental cleaning treatments require multiple applications in order to be effective, and if they cannot be safely used with people present, this can present a disruption for students and teachers. Synexis can be used safely around the clock, with and without occupants.

School districts can help fight back against the flu and other common illnesses that circulate during the school year by implementing Synexis Microbial Reduction Technology in the classroom.

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